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Book Cover, Decadence


Alicia Skinner, a streetwise Trinidadian beauty, leads her all-female gang to success. Over-confident, however, they pull one heist too many and pay the price�in prison.

Marcus, a creative chef whose cooking proudly reflects his West-Indian heritage, lands his own cooking show. He soon becomes a local celebrity, and he and his lifelong buddies are in for the ride of a lifetime!

J.Q. Charles, owner of a booming business, sponsors a parolee-release work program and takes on the tough Ms. Skinner, helping her acquire social skills and business savvy.

The three characters� paths cross and each must face personal challenges. Alicia struggles to overcome a turbulent past and accept the taxing course Destiny has steered her on. Marcus� achievement leads to a corrupt business world, one which challenges his ethics. J.Q. must defy employees who intend to dethrone him from the empire he has arduously erected.

Trials and tribulations flourish, danger lurks in the most innocuous places, friendships are challenged, yet love and compassion still manage to prevail.

Read the poem "Dream" by Ron Sanchez.

Book Cover, Watercolours


Cover Design by Peter Papayanakis

A vibrant city of many colours still has many shadows. A young black professional, André Reed, has a series of chance encounters with the ethereally beautiful Catherine Lee.

André reaches out of his hard-driving, workaholic lifestyle to a woman radically different from himself yet somehow similar and just as strong.

Catherine, André learns, is food for his soul — she nurtures him, laughs with him, completes him.

But even in a city filled with many different kinds of people, the same old notions about race prevail.

Stereotypes of Afro-Canadians as living in the ghetto and of the Chinese as passive and criminally inclined entwine André and Catherine in knot of bigotry. Due to the events of a violent crime, they must struggle for sanity, and for each other while André wrestles with a haunting and secret past and Catherine navigates the conflict between new-world love and old-world Chinese tradition.

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Read the poem "Watercolours" by Ron Sanchez.