Cecil Leslie

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Cecil Leslie was born of West Indian/Canadian heritage and raised in Toronto.

He graduated from Centennial College in 1990 with a diploma in Business Administration and Marketing Management, and worked in his field for several years until deciding on a career change toward Information Technology. He then graduated from a technical school with a diploma in LAN Administration and now works as a Technical Support Analyst.

In 1997, Cecil found himself wanting to explore his creative attributes, so he attended Ryerson University and took courses in filmmaking and film technology. He also studied conversational Cantonese through an interest course at Centennial College.

It was during this time that he was inspired to write the script for "Watercolours," combining his cultural and educational experiences. It started out as a script limited to 120 pages, but Cecil thoroughly enjoyed the writing process and was so enthralled by the story he was telling that by the time he was done he had a 300-page manuscript on his hands! It was far too long for a film, and Cecil accepted a suggestion to present the story as a novel.

Since the publication of "Watercolours," Cecil has been involved with pre-production work on a film version, as well as the finishing and publishing his second novel, "Decadence." He has already started on his third novel which he hopes to finish in the near future.